Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Make a visibility action for peace!

Election Day is just over a week away and now is the time to take last minute actions for peace!

We need candidates to see the strength of the peace vote in this last week so we are asking you to
organize a peace visibility event in your communit y anytime between today and Election Day. Gather a few peace-voting friends outside the campaign headquarters of a candidate in your area, at a busy intersection, or at a community event. Hand out Vote For Peace flyers or make large signs that say you are a Voter For Peace! Be sure to post your event on the VotersForPeace event listing so that other peace voters in your area can attend. Then send a picture of your event to Action@VotersForPeace.US so we can feature you on our website!

If you cannot organize or attend a visibility event, please call the campaign offices of your candidates for federal office and tell them
how many people have signed the VotersForPeace Pledge in their district. Remind them that they can win the votes of peace voters if they change their position on Iraq and future wars of aggression!

Most importantly, remember to vote on Tuesday, Nov 7th! You can use this link to
remind your friends to vote, too! Visit the Peace Majority Report for peace ratings of all federal candidates, and go to Vote-USA.org to find state-by-state information on voting poll locations and ballot candidates.

We need to put pressure on candidates who have yet to support withdrawal from Iraq. We need to impress upon our candidates that we do not want a pre-emptive strike against Iran or North Korea. We need to let the press know that we are united as peace voters and committed to making our voices heard! We can only do this with the energy and commitment of our pledge signers. Please consider taking one of these actions today!

Be a peace maker
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