Sunday, October 15, 2006

How to sell Foool in Egypt

In Ain Shams area in Cairo, I saw this man. He is a Foool seller. Foool is beans, which is the main popular food Egypt is known for. I am one of foool lovers, you know?! The most weird is that he is wearing a Tarboosh (the red cap) which is not worn in Egypt any more. Wearing tarboosh was eliminated in 1952!!! The man looks great with tarboosh on hs head. He attracts more clients by doing so.

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Tayeb! As long as we talk about foool, I have a joke for you. I recently met a friend from Rwanda (in Africa). He knows so little Arabic. So he kept listening to our words (as Egyptians) and learn. One day, I found him asking me:

He: Dalia, do you really love this fooool?

Me: Yes of course

He: Aha! I see! That is why when you slaute each other in the morning you say "Saba7 El-Foool"

[he means Sabaz El-Fol; i.e. "flowering morning"]


Dalia Ziada