Thursday, January 28, 2016

Back to regular blogging

It has been almost three years, since I last wrote or posted something on this blog. I was taken into the social media world; moving from Twitter to Facebook until I got lost. 

Social media is a great way of connecting people, but most of the time connecting them for nothing. It is never the right way to express yourself and get your thoughts and ideas out. It is merely a tool to brag about naive or sometimes important things happening in your life. 

Hundreds of years from now, when new generations get curious about how our life was in early 2000s, they won't go to check our social media profiles; rather they will read our blog posts and online journals. 

Therefore, here I am, coming back to my beloved blogger to share my own take on daily life in my part of the world. Every Thursday morning, I will make a new post. It could be a text, a video, a photo, let's see. But, for sure, it shall capture a special perspective on the craziness that is currently happening in the Middle East and beyond. 

Wait for me, every Thursday morning :)