Saturday, October 28, 2006

I look very much like my mother in this photo !!!!

This is me. Mama took me this photo in the second days of Eid El-Fitr. She is so found of me. She begged me to print it out for her to show it to her work colleagues. I cannot believe that Mama loves me to that extent. By the way in this photo, I look very much like her !! I do not know how this happened. I am her daughter anyway. It is natural to llok like her, right? ;)

I love Mama too, but she is fettering me with her love and that makes me unable to bear living with her. At the same moment I love her to the extent that I cannot imagine life without her in it. She is life for me. I love her but I hate her love to me!!!!!!!!!

Well! it seems that I turned insane or something. I am saying sever cotradicitions. hahahahahaha

Well guys I have to stop now. No need for more crazy, insane, and illogic words :-)

Wait for more soon .................................

hahahahahahaha. I look like my mother !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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