Sunday, October 08, 2006

Get up Egypt! Do not Die!

The most painful thing ever is to see your beloved home falling down, not because of the practices of some external enemy, but because of the violations committed by its citizens. Egypt is dying slowly with the hands of its guards. Police Force became as brutal as they had never been. They beat, insult, and even kill people with cold blood. What is wrong, what is going on with us? Are we – Egyptians – that weak to the extent that we cannot stop this misery?

You know what? While watching Egypt dying, I remembered a poem that I once read. It is an Egyptian colloquial poem written by the creative Egyptian poet Ahmed Fouad Negm. "Get up Egypt!" ["Eshi ya Misr"] was written by Negm almost thirty years ago, when Egypt was in war with external enemies. However, it applies to our current misery caused by the interior enemies.

I translated it into English, hope you like it:

Get up, Egypt
Get up, Egypt
Shake your crescent
Get triumph

To be Egypt, to live Egypt

Stretch your arms
To reach this age

To be Egypt, to live Egypt

Wake up Egyptian brave labor
Understand the role you play
in your shift
Whatever the efforts you exerted
Whatever the works you produced
All the results are for thieves
Your effort, your work
The money due to your kids
Your sweet in which you sink
Is not for you

Change yourself
Maintain your factory
Manufacture Egypt

To be Egypt, to live Egypt

Wake up green Egypt farmer
Be able, be greenable
Be shine, be beauty
Spark your field with seeds
And protect the sparked seeds
Against disease
And misuse
Your land, your home and your honor
Became the playground of the broker
We would rather to thirst
To drink the impure water
This is what doctors prescribed, O' Egypt

To be Egypt, to live Egypt

Get up soldier
Avenge for martyr;
My uncle and your uncle
Your brother and my sister
To be relived and relaxed
Shoot fire on the traitors
O' son of people, O' people's guard
You're the hope when time is hard
Get up soldier; with your ankle hit the ground
Free Egypt, clean Egypt

O' Egypt get up, live and be Egypt

The origional Arabic:

اصحى يا مصر
اصحى يا مصر
هزى هلالك هاتى النصر
كونى يا مصر وعيشي يا مصر
مدي ايديكى و طولي العصر
اصحي وكوني وعيشي يا مصر

اصحى يا عامل مصر يا مجدع
وافهم دورك ف الوردية
مهما بتتعب
مهما بتصنع تعبك رايح للحراميه
جهدك عملك رزق عيالك
عرقك مرقك ولا يهنا لك
اصحى يا عامل غير حالك
صون المصنع واصنع مصر
اصحى و كوني وعيشي يا مصر

اصحى يا زارع مصر الخضرة
قدره وخضره ونور وجمال
أبدر غيطك و احمي البدرة
ضد الافه والاستغلال
أرضك عرضك باب الدار
صبحوا مداسه للسمسار
نعطش و لا نشربش عكار
وصفه قالوها الحكما يا مصر
اصحى و كوني وعيشي يا مصر

واصحى يا جندي يا تار الشهدا
عمى وخالك أختي و أخوك
لجل ما تهدا وتارك يهدا
فرغ نارك ف اللى خانوك
يابن الشعب يا حامي الشعب
أنت أملنا في يوم الصعب
اصحى يا جندي ودق الكعب
حرر مصر وطهر مصر
اصحى وكوني وعيشي يا مصر


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