Sunday, October 08, 2006

Al-Fagoomy will turn me crazy, really!

Few days ago, I posted the following:

"It is a joke! no it is true .... I cannot believe it, Ahmed Fouad Negm .... Negm the famous poet will travel today for Saudi Arabia to make Omra (pilgrimage). Who could believe this? Will he return a religious man?!!!!!!!!!! Could this really happen? Oh my God. Oh My GodI met Ahmed Fouad Negm four months ago. I translated his interview with New York Times newspaper into Arabic. That was when we met for the first time. Since that moment we became close friends who really understand and like each other."

Negm postponed his journey to Mecca. Why? I do not know ... Anyhow, this Negm. No one can tell what he wants. He is Al-Fagoomy, ain't he? :(