Saturday, January 19, 2008

Support Kareem by voting for an artwork

Dear friends and supporters of Kareem Amer,

We have been in close touch with a wonderful young artist in
Germany who expressed his support for Kareem via an artwork that has recently been featured in a gallery. The artist, Kenny, reports that a lot of people were concerned about Kareem's case and were fascinated by the artwork. Unfortunately, some people found it too controversial, and this resulted in the artwork being hung elsewhere away from the public's eye.

Now Kenny has applied his portrait for Kareem in a competition and we need your help getting as many positive votes as possible. Please visit this website and rate the artwork. This will help us increase awareness for Kareem.

In other news, we are in the process now of collecting sound files from people all over the world voicing their support for Kareem. Details here.

We are also proud to announce that there will soon be Hindi, Spanish, and French versions of the Free Kareem website.