Monday, November 12, 2018

Stop Stoning Kevin Spacey! Just Stop!

Kevin Spacey Sitting Smiling

I know this may sound like defending the indefensible. But, it is not! This article is an endeavor to stand up for a man, whose art and charming influence went beyond language, religion, and geographic barriers to change the lives of people like me.

Kevin Spacey is more than a legendary actor with multiple awards and worldwide recognition. He is a willful human, who made the sun rise over the darkness of his own life, as well as the lives of many other humans. When he made his hard way up to the very top, he cared enough to “send the elevator back down” to give a voice to the voiceless and empower the powerless. Such a man does not deserve to be suffering from marginalization or mistreatment like this. 

I lost track on Kevin Spacey’s news, over the past year, because I got too invested in wrapping up my PhD degree. I heard about sexual assault allegations against him, of course. But, I was confident that they would take their course of time and then quietly fade away. It is not the first time such allegations are being thrown at Kevin Spacey. Some people are offended by him being discreet and protective about his private life. Rather than honoring his privacy and respect him for protecting it, they went on discussing the minute details of his sexual orientation and behavior. He always ignored them and, usually, those boring soap opera stories used to appear and fade without leaving a stain on his life or career. I thought the same thing would happen with the most recent allegations, too. 

Last week, I got ecstatic when I heard that Season 6 of “House of Cards” is released. I ran to my computer, and after a few minutes of searching Google about the good news, I was left in utter shock and anger. Kevin Spacey’s character, Francis Underwood, was erased! Why? Because Netflix ended the contract with Kevin Spacey over the sexual assault allegations! My first impression was like: Netflix people must have lost their mind. How can they afford losing the great Kevin Spacey over some allegations about his private life? 

This urged me to dig deeper! I spent the whole weekend reading horrifying stories about Kevin Spacey being removed from almost every piece of work he was involved in, including his theater performances and charity organization. His long time colleagues, friends, and co-workers disowned him with cold blood. Even random plebeian on social media and cheap journalists at yellow tabloids took a shot at him. A few fellow stars got the courage to defend him in the eye of the public, but everyone else just chose to pick up a stone and throw it at his hurting and bleeding face. What a shame!

It is heartbreaking to see the great Kevin Spacey being set as a target to such mental stoning, which is no less brutal than what we see in some Islamic extremist communities when a group of savage men stone a helpless woman to slow death, over some unverified allegations of sexual misbehavior. This analogy is not an exaggeration! What is happening to Kevin Spacey now is not less brutal or less barbaric than this. Allegations are nothing but allegations; they may be true as much as they may be false. No one should be stripped off of his legacy, career, and life over mouth-spoken allegations that no one can verify or prove.

To the merciless stoners of Kevin Spacey: 

Know that: Kevin Spacey earned his legacy via decades of hard work. You did not give it to him earlier so you can take it back from him now. Netflix killed Frank Underwood, but no one can kill Kevin Spacey, neither physically nor mentally. Every time you remove his name or disown him, you hurt yourselves not him. You cannot punish Kevin Spacey based on allegations related to his private life. In fact, one should ask: who the hell gave you the right to punish or forgive? Who the hell do you think you are? Representatives of some merciless god? We all are humans; and nothing but humans, full of sins and flaws. So, stop stoning Kevin Spacey! Just STOP!

To Kevin Spacey: 

Wherever you are, just know that those who love and respect you are much more than those who are currently brutalizing you. Our love to you is eternal and unconditional! 

Your private life is only yours. No one on Planet Earth got the right to judge you for a mistake that you do not remember doing and you have already apologized for the slightest probability of it. 

Remember: the hyenas are not stronger than the lion. They only take advantage of his moments of stumbling and imbalance, and once he holds himself together, they run and hide. So, stand up on your feet and stop the hyenas from further hurting you. You are stronger than you imagine! You are loved and appreciated beyond you expect. 

We are waiting for you to bounce back high in the sky to shine on our cruel world as the brightest star you have always been. We will never give up on you. Do not give up on yourself, dear Kevin. We will be waiting for you.