Friday, August 29, 2008

Letters stolen from the Untouchable Box

Dearest *****,

Allow me to call you my dearest and repeat your name until it becomes part of my existence. I know this letter will surprise you as much as you yourself surprised me.

I know I am behaving like a kid or a crazy person, here. But what can I do? Your love made me lose control. Writing was the only way, for me, to get relieved from the burden of hiding my crazy passion to see you smiling again. Your gorgeous smile made me insane.

It is true that we have never met before this "magical" moment, weeks ago. It is true that all the time we had together was few conversations that you might have forgotten. It is true that there are a lot of natural, physical, social and traditional barriers between me and you. It is true that I used to dislike you when you were, for me, a mere “image” in the news!

However, I do not know what happened once I saw you. I do not know how those strangely beautiful feelings conquered my heart! At the beginning, I thought the whole issue is mere attraction to a handsome, successful, adult, wise man that, as part of my work, I read a lot about him. I thought that if I was strong enough to suppress myself, it will take only few days to forget you. Now, I can see deep inside my heart that I loved *****, the unforgettable man, as much as I disliked *****, the famous person.

Oh, my! Language is too limited to reveal how perfect you are and how strong my passion is.

My sweet eternal love… The one and only purpose of this letter is telling you that in this huge world there is someone who loves you more than you can imagine. Meanwhile, my confession of love puts you under no obligation.

You are not required to love me back, if you do not love me already. You are not required to keep in touch, if you are not interested. That is why I preferred not to mention my name.

If you care, you will remember me. I will be the happiest creature in universe if I heard from you on phone, mail, or email. But; if you do not remember me, I will not stop loving you, simply because I do not know how I loved you from the start!

Just keep in mind that in all cases, whatever happened, I promise that I will always be yours... only yours and no one's else.

All the love,