Thursday, November 23, 2006

I, HIM, HER, THEY and ME!!!!! WE are psycho

Do not think that I am crazy or something. I am just looking for profound meanings of ordinary stuff.

Every day I use these words:
I, ME, and EGO

I discovered that I use them in a weird way; it is the weirdest way ever:

For me "I" means "HE". When I say plainly "I do so and so …" I really mean that "HE does so and so ….."

Oh my God! He is controlling every single part of me, to the extent that I should say "I does so and so ….." from now on. Anyway, I am enjoying this. I know that soon I will get bored of this.

For me "ME" means "HER". When I say "Look! They are insulting ME!" I truly mean that "Look! They are insulting HER". She is the woman who brought me to life and did many efforts to let me grow up and succeed. I know I love her so much. Yet, I am still suffering being trapped by this love, to the extent that every "ME" is actually referring to "HER"

Now, the weirdest part: "EGO" for me means "THEY". Whenever, I consider showing up with my ego anywhere, I just get overwhelmed with a crazy idea about how will THEY perceive me. Why do I always care for people? Why do I always care for having good image in their eyes? Is this life?

Where is "DALIA" then?

Is it fair not use the word "I" when I talk about "ME", in order not to fall in the trap of "I=HIM" and "ME=HER"?

Am I a Psycho?

Yes, for sure "I" is Psycho and "ME" is psycho too. Actually, WE are psycho! They want me to be psycho as well. Is this fair?

DALIA should get out of this!! This is unbearable!!!