Monday, June 22, 2009

Let's push our governments to support Iranian protesters

The crisis in Iran has reached a tipping point. Ayatollah Khamenei has warned millions of democracy protesters to be silent or face the consequences, and last night 19 more protesters were killed. Experts warn a massive bloody crackdown is imminent.

World leaders have been cautious about taking sides -- but everyone should agree that the murder and violent intimidation of peaceful protesters is never acceptable. At this crucial moment, we need to press all our governments to take a united stand, condemn the crackdown, and withhold recognition of any new Iranian government until the people are permitted to peacefully address their election concerns.

Every day counts -- Top Iranian leaders are split down the middle over whether to support a crackdown, so every bit of pressure matters. Sign the petition below, and forward this email to friends and family -- let's build a massive global outcry of 1 million voices against the crackdown:

Some western countries have reason to be careful, but Iranian activists say a united international community is exactly what's needed. Our best hope is to show Iran's leaders that the entire world will reject the verdict of a violent crackdown.

We'll publicize the number of petition signatures in each country, and also deliver our petition directly to the leaders of the EU, Turkey, and Iraq -- Iran's largest trading partners, as well as the UN.

Today the hearts and hopes of people around the world are with the protesters facing awful risks on the streets of Iran. Their struggle for democracy and basic rights is our struggle; it's time for us to stand with them.

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