Friday, June 26, 2009

Iran: Islamic Revolution 1979 Vs. Freedom Revolution 2009

A lot of things have happened since yesterday. The most shocking of which was the sudden death of Pop Star Michael Jackson. This was the only thing that could distract me from watching closely the aftermath of Iran presidential elections.

This afternoon, I could not believe my ears while listening to Ahmed Khatami (a chief cleric) calling for executing opposition members for leading protests against the so-called sacred regime! The honored clerics did not fulfill their thirst by the blood of the twenty some innocent people killed during protests. They still want to execute some more. What in the world is this savage bloody regime which wants to kill people for merely practicing their democratic rights?

If I were an Iranian, those words would not scare me. On the contrary, I will be more motivated to continue protesting relentlessly, but nonviolently, until I won my freedom back from such a selfish extremist regime of theocratic dictators hiding behind the glorified name of Allah.

According to Iran's Constitution, protesting election results is a constitutional right. It is also a basic human right stated by international conventions and cannot be denied by Iranian regime, which is a signatory on these conventions. Moreover, the same charts hold the regime accountable for attacking civilians and label them as committing crimes against humanity.

I am also very disappointed by the apparent retreat of opposition leaders. Mousavi kept silent for long before he finally made a couple of weak statements yesterday and today on his FaceBook page. Karoubi canceled a planned rally because he failed to get a legal permission! I do not know on what ground he expected that the regime will give him a permission. People are also so scared after violent clashes between armed Basij and armless protesters on Wednesday Jun 24th. And most importantly, the regime is getting wilder physically and verbally!

Unfortunately, I can see that the Iranian regime is gradually quelling people's rise for freedom. Islamic Revolution 1979 with its hateful misuse of Islam is still much stronger than Freedom Revolution 2009 with its praised enthusiasm and dedication. Yet, I still see a thin thread of hope that Mousavi, other opposition leaders, or even ordinary Persians will surprise us soon by a new nonviolent technique that will help the protests to go on until Iran is free. If they did, the international community must give up its passiveness and interfere for the good of the people.

Likewise, if the Iranian Freedom Revolution 2009 failed, no one should be blamed except the international community which did not had the courage to lay proper pressure on the Iranian dictators and theocrats in support of Iranians' right to freedom and democracy. The Iranian people are not only fighting for their own freedom, but for the long awaited peace and stability in our Middle East and the whole world.

For all dear Iranian heroes, I dedicate the R.I.P Michael Jackson's song above.

For the International Community, CLICK HERE for a list of the sanctions you can apply on Iran to protect Iranian people against their savage regime.


Update: Here is the thread of hope I told you about. It just came out from CNN iDesk two hours after I posted this blogpost: Our CNN producer in Tehran tells us the cries of "Allah-o-Akbar" could be heard again clearly on Friday night in Iran. #iranelection