Saturday, June 20, 2009

Iran: Time for Change! No more corruption!

I am writing now, while hundreds, if not thousands of young people in Iran are expecting death in today's rally from Enqlab square at 4:00 pm. Mousavi disappeared since yesterday. All those close to him, including his wife, are making statements on behalf of him. But where is he? Where is Mousavi? I received many emails and tweets from Iranian fellows expecting to be killed today in the rally! Yet, they have the guts to go and participate in changing the future of their country. The internet access at rally venue went down and almost all media outlets are blocked. This foretells a huge bloodshed today that the government does not want to be broadcast by media. The situation has become much bigger than Mousavi or even the Supreme Leader. Iranian young people, who resemble 3/5 the population in Iran are fighting for their freedom. God be with them! "God is Great!"

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It is time for change!