Thursday, February 03, 2011

The untold story of how a comic book helped inspire Egyptian revolutionaries

By: Ethan Vesly-Flad

In the midst of this week’s remarkable and inspirational revolution in Egypt have been the voices of a community of young bloggers who have been laying the groundwork for change in their country. While the Egyptian government is now attempting desperately to crack down on all non-state-controlled media outlets, these activists have been using different forms of communications tools to build upon a message of nonviolent change they have been promoting for months and years.

One of the key leaders in that Egyptian blogging community is Dalia Ziada, the Cairo-based North Africa Director for the American Islamic Congress. She was profiled in international media in the spring of 2009 in articles in both Time magazine and the History News Network for her efforts to help develop a democratic voice in her region.

Each article specifically highlighted Ziada’s role in translating into Arabic a comic book titled Martin Luther King and the Montgomery Story. In “A Quiet Revolution Grows in the Muslim World,” Time’s well-respected Middle East correspondent Robin Wright (fomerly of the Christian Science Monitor and the Washington Post) said:

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