Sunday, February 13, 2011

Simple fact: Egyptians love, trust, and respect their Military Forces!

There is a growing sense of mistrust towards the Egyptian Armed Forces and their role in leading people through the after-Mubarak transition period. There were strange comments on the Statement#4 of the Military High Council today. I entirely disagree with this analysis. It is built on misinterpreting the moves of the Military High Council (MHC) which is doing its best to keep up people's confidence in them. 

The Military here in Egypt is much respected and trusted than any other authority in the state. I would claim that they played a very important role in making our revolution succeed by simply not using violence. They have never shot any one or harass any protester in any way and under any condition. On the contrary, they have helped save the lives of the protesters against the thugs hired by Mubarak. They refused to comply with Mubarak's orders to kill protesters. Even before the revolution, whenever they were need to play a civil role, they always do it perfectly with showing high respect to the people. I

t was not strange to see people cheering them when they came with their tanks and weapons to the streets last Friday. Egyptian people love, respect, and trust their military.

Let me take this analysis for example (The Strategy Behind Military’s Fourth Communiqué) and explain why it makes no sense:

- When MHC speaks about state priorities it does not mean not listening to people's demands. On the contrary, they have asserted more than once that the demands of the people are "legitimate" and should be met as soon as possible. Logically, the demands needs at least 6 months to happen without letting the state fall apart and it should happen in a priority order.

- When MHC speaks about the civil state, they are responding to people's demands for not having a military state. They do not care about the Muslim Brotherhood now. They never opposed it clearly or said any thing about accepting it or not. Actually, they do not have the say in this. The military people are not allowed to participate in any elections. It is a rule. So, it is not there decision. And, yes, we all want civil state. We neither want the army nor the Muslim Brotherhood, so I am sure the people won't object the military blocking the Muslim Brotherhood, although I doubt that it may even happen.

- When MHC gives a hint to Israel and US that they keep their treaties, that is to make sure that Egypt's foreign relations won't be harmed during the domestic reconstruction period. I think this is a very wise move from their side and we do respect them more for stating that so clearly.

- The statement of the Revolution Coalition was writing last night and published this morning. In other words it was published before the MHC statement not after it. So, it is not meant to counter it in any way.

- Unlike this article suggests, there is no conflict between military and people at all. On the contrary, there is a very high sense of cooperation and trust between both sides.