Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Marwa Rakha's Poison Tree for Free

The wonderful Marwa Rakha finally released her amazing book "The Poison Tree" in a PDF format, and made it available to the world to download FOR FREE.

As Marwa says on her website:
The Poison Tree is not a traditional novel; it combines the techniques of blogging, journal-keeping, and formal writing while retaining one binding thought that keeps the story together; poison is the fertile ground that I, and many others, was born into; a poisoned culture nurtured my roots with suffocating traditions, taboos, and beliefs; poison runs through my stem.

I branched out and my branches carried me far away from the roots and the ground. I questioned the tutoring of my conservative society and green leaves covered my bare branches. My tree bore its fruits; poisoned fruits that were the poison of many who dropped dead next to the solid stubborn tree.

This is a book about love, marriage, divorce, sex, dating, virginity, adult dating, religion, shame, taboos, gender wars and fear that grew and blossomed on my poison tree.

Dedicated to every female trying to break free and to every male who is willing to give her a chance.

Do not miss the opporunity, go download the full book FOR FREE from HERE

Waiting to hear your feedback. I am sure you will like it as much as I did.