Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Mideast Youth hosts and Designs my STC Website for Free

Life is good just because the people whom we love live it. Esra'a El-Shafaey from Mideast Youth is one of my favorites in this universe. We met few months ago at HAMSA Cairo confernece. I could not believe that such a small girl is the one who did all these online achievements. She constructed and is now moderating many websites calling for freedom and peace in the Middle East. The most prominent of these are Mideast Youth, Me Faith, Inter-Iman, and other campaign websites like FreeKarrem.org.

Recently, Esra'a proposed to host and design the website of my little non-profit Softcopy Translation Center (STC) for free. I am so grateful to her and to all the help and support she provides me with. Thank you Esra'a and keep up!

Now, I invite every one to visit the amazing new STC website.