Wednesday, November 08, 2017

How Helen Hunt inspired thousands of youth at World Youth Forum?

A handful number of Egyptian so-called activists, who merely exist on social media, went on Twitter, earlier this week, frying Oscar winner Helen Hunt for speaking at World Youth Forum (WYF) opening ceremony on Sunday! They accused her of "whitewashing" Elsisi's regime and claimed that the whole World Youth Forum is a "PR circus to whitewash" the Egyptian regime!

Well! That is pure nonsense, if not insanity... why?

1. The unique and inspiring Helen Hunt came to Egypt's WYF to honor 3500 young people from 113 nations, who are participating in the forum, not to "whitewash" Elsisi in his own country among his own people, as those so-called activists are claiming!

2. Helen Hunt's beautiful speech on women's rights inspired thousands attending the ceremony and millions watching on TVs. In her speech she did not even mention President Elsisi in any way. She spoke about Egypt as a country, not about Elsisi as a president. 

3. By claiming that WYF is created to "whitewash" Elsisi's regime, you are insulting thousands of young activists and officials who joined the forum, not only Helen Hunt.

4. 3500 participants from 113 nations including the inspiring Helen Hunt didn't come to WYF to "whitewash" but to interact and progress in real world context.

5. 3500 participants from 113 nations including world leaders, youth activists, entrepreneurs, and famous movie stars like Helen Hunt can't be underestimated to a "whitewashing" tool! 

As a participant in WYF, I highly appreciate Helen Hunt's participation. She is just too amazing to be called a PR tool to whitewash a regime! Stop this nonsense!