Wednesday, March 25, 2009

I am Everything I am because of AIC!

I think there is something wrong with my stars these days. Luck is chasing me! The large number of good news that happens in my life every single day during the past couple of weeks made me feel like touching the sky. Success is a joy, which gets doubled when every body around you acknowledges it.

During the past two weeks, I was profiled by various big and reputable local and international media outlets including Dream TV, Global Voices, Almasry Alyoum, Time Magazine, BBC, CRIME Report, Get Religion Website, and many other weblogs and websites.

Click on the links above, read them and tell me what you think!

The funny (ironical) part is the weird comments I heard from people whom I once regarded as liberal thinkers. Most of these comments were revolving around the idea why I insist on continuing my work with the American Islamic Congress "despite the wild attacks we received when we opened the Cairo office two years ago!" Actually, there are many points that must be set clear here.

Probably, AIC is the best thing that happened to the Middle East in the new century! I am not exaggerating! Go to our website ( to see the many achievements implemented by the young motivated staff worldwide. Search Google to review the many wonderful achievements of AIC all over the Middle East! We successfully launched campaigns to release opinion and political prisoners, we launched the first Human Rights Film Festival in the history of the Middle East, we promoted religious tolerance; we successfully changed the world positively in a very short time. Every year, a large number of young talented activists are added to our network via our Essay Contest. We – AIC-ians – are successfully doing what people once thought "impossible" or at least "very difficult." I am so proud of being an AIC-ian.

I now remember the severe attacks which was launched against me and AIC by "jealous" bloggers, bitter feeling colleagues, and radical dishonest journalists when we first opened the Cairo office in 2007. Look at them now! Where are they, and where I am! History records the work of hard workers like me and my colleagues in AIC and forgets the awful time-wasting words of jealous malicious people.

Have you heard about the famous song "I am everything I am because you loved me?!" I can say out loud that "I am everything I am because of AIC." If Zainab Al-Suwaij (my sweet young boss), Jesse Sage (HAMSA Director and the first one I ever contact in AIC), and Nasser Weddady (Outreach Director and who was always supportive to me) did not believe in me and chose me to be the director of AIC office in Cairo, Egypt, I was never to accomplish what I have achieved so far. They made the best out of my potential. I am completely grateful to them. It is a great pleasure for any one on Earth to work with a group of young people who believe in their unlimited power to change the world. (read more about AIC staff of young inspiring activists HERE)