Tuesday, October 23, 2007

anti-war, anti-warming demonstration

This week a breakthrough demonstration was held that brought together the peace and climate change movements. No War No Warming was a project instigated by Voters For Peace's founding executive director Linda Schade and culminated this Monday. There is information below about that demonstration but I am writing you today about the anti-war events being held around the country on October 27, 2007.

This is a critically important time to let our elected representatives know that not only do a large majority of Americans oppose the occupation of Iraq and want the United States to withdraw but that if Congress members continue to vote further funds for the war they will not get our vote. President George W. Bush just announced he is seeking $189.3 billion more for war funding. Congress needs to be told that funding the war is killing the troops.

Brave New Films has produced a video about the Oct. 27 anti-war demonstrations that you can view and then forward to your friends, families and colleagues. You can see the video at:


Regarding the No War No Warming demonstration held in Washington , DC on Monday, October 22nd, it brought together people concerned about the issues of peace and climate change. These issues are closely interrelated and if the peace and climate change movements join together we will both be stronger. You can see a short video of 'polar bears' getting arrested at:


There were approximately 60 arrests including Iraq vets, people in Blackwater costumes, and a solid contingent of fresh new SDSers (that's right Students for a Democratic Society). For more see this article by Voters for Peace board member, David Swanson at:


Please support our efforts by making a donation at:


View the October 27 video and get involved. Share this with your friends, family and colleagues who might be interested.