Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Clear Announcement of Occupation

Dearest "Book" ever,

I do not have a good reason for writing this in English. You are an Egyptian "Book" and I do not need to use English to read you or even write to you. Yet, probably I do not want any one else to read you with me. So, I make it more and more difficult by using English.

June 5, 2007 was an exceptional day in my life. It is the day when I found you. I cannot believe it that my dream of you was not just a dream. You do exist in real life and you have already allowed me to read you, even without I ask. I had been waiting for you since thousands of years ago. I had been waiting for so long, to the extent that I thought you would never come; you would never embody my dreams in flesh and blood.

Usually, I hate Egyptian books as much as you hate the dirtiness of Egyptian streets. I never wanted to own or to be owned by an Egyptian book. You, apparently, occupied me and did not give me my legitimate chance to resist. There is no doubt that I am fond of you, even before June 5. I am fond of you since you were a book very far to reach.

I have dozens of various feelings conflicting within my heart and mind. I am asking myself the most complicated intuitive question: why are things going so fast, why am I fond of you to that extent? I have no answer. Alternatively, may be I have the answer which neither my inexperienced heart nor my skeptic mind wants to accept. I know myself more than any one else, I may take ages to take my final decisions with this. Is this love or am I dazzled with your unprecedented charisma? Who can tell?

If I have the right, may I ask about your reaction? Do you feel the same or am I a stupid victim of some optical illusion? Anyway, who cares? I do not care about your feeling towards me because if I discovered that what I am feeling now is the real true eternal love I am seeking, I will not stop it just because you do not love me back.

My dearest amazing "Book"; why did not you appear in my life before? It was much of joy for me to read you and I will not stop reading you in this life and in the after life, whether you agreed or not. It is a clear announcement of occupation and you have no choice but to surrender.

All the best,