Saturday, July 01, 2006

Dalia Ziada writes to Muslim Writers Society (MWS)

Believe it or not! I became a renowned writer and member of Muslim Writers Society. I joined the Society about two months ago. I choose one of my peices to be the very first thing to publish on their website. Publishing there is not that easy. MWS has a panel of judges who read articles then decide to publish them or not. Thanks God, my article was chosen and published long time ago and I did not realize this before now. I am so happy :)
This is how Muslim Writers Society introduce itself to the people:
The World Muslim Writers Society and Foundation is an organization and forum where Muslim writers can exchange ideas, help each other grow as writers, express their views, and ultimately get their works published on our web site and, insha'Allah, in a future publication. It is a society because we are a group of Muslims united for the purpose of promoting intellectual expression and Islamic awareness. It is a foundation because it is the base from which Muslim writers can draw their strength and find support in good times and bad times.
The Society is affiliated to One Ummah Network which is interested in uniting Muslims all over the world.
My article published on MWS is one of the articles published on this blog. It is "Muslim = an ambitiously satisfied human". Do you remember it? If not go down this page to view it. The article is published under my name Dalia Ziada. However, it is written as one word like this "daliaziada". Anyway, it is still my name and it is still me the author of the article.
Wanna the link to read my article on MWS website? OK :)
Thanks Allah.
I love you God.
I love the world.
I love my life and I am so satisfied.