Sunday, July 23, 2006

a new poem entitled "Lam Alef" by Dalia Ziada

This is my latest poem in Arabic Colliquial language. It is a cry in the face of corruption and humiliation suffered by us Egyptian under our corrupt government. The poem was highly welcomed by honest lovers of Egypt. The poem or the theme of the poem does not apply on Egypt alone or on corruption alone. However, it is applicable on all those who suffer and need to say "NO" for their sufferings.

The title of the poem is "Lam Alef" meaning "LA". The Arabic word "LA" means "NO" in English. This is my poem a very big "NO" ! Enjoy it:

أنا قلبي قلب نسور
و في العناد أنا محترف
ماشي الطريق وحدي
لا بخاف و لا بتكسف
و شعاري في الدنيا حرفين
حرف منهم لام
و الحرف التاني ألف

لام ألف .. لام ألف
لام و فوق منها الألف
لام و جنبيها الألف
لام و حضناها الألف

يعني "لا"
و في قلبي وضع الحياه
شيء مختلف
باللام ألف

لام و فوق منها الألف
طلعت تطل
على الصبايا البدور
و الفلاحين السمر
راحت تغزل م السما وشاحها
في البرد لقلوبهم دفا
و في الحر لعيونهم ضل
اللام عفيه و وفيه
شايلة الألف طول الطريق
و لا بتمل
و الألف صادقة في كفاحها
واقفة صامدة أبية
و لا عمرها تنذل
اللام و فوق منها الألف
هتفوا و أعلنوا للكل
إن حب الكرامة موقف
و إن الخضوع شيء مختلف

لام ألف
"لا" .. لام ألف

لام و جنبيها الألف
ماشيين طريق الصبر و الموال
ماشيين أيديهم متشبكة
بحلم صعب
لكنه عمره ما كان محال
حلم يلزم له عزيمة و همة صلبة
حلم ما يتحمله إلا الرجال
اللام تميل ع الألف
توصف لها
بالرغم من كل الصعاب
ليه البشر عاشقة الحياه
و الألف عاشقة الجهاد
في سبيل الحق
عاشقة الشهادة
في سبيل الله
فلازم أكيد
ترفض كلام الصاحبة لام
و تقولها إن الحياة من غير كرامة
ذل و هوان
و إن الكرامة هي الحياة
لأن الكرامة شيء مختلف

لام ألف
"لا" .. لام ألف

لام و حضناها الألف
يشكوا الهموم لبعض
من كتر الألم
راحوا الصحاب و الناس
و ما أتبقى إلا الهم
اللام تقول للألف
و هيه بتبكي دم
بلدنا اللي كانت بهية
شابت م الندم
بلدنا صارت ما هيه
إلا نشيد نسمعه
ساعة ما يترفع العلم
و اللام بكت
و لما صاحبتها شافتها
قالت لها أوعي في يوم تبكي
و أنا جنب منك ألف
إحنا الكفاح بوجودنا نصر
إحنا الحياة في وجودنا
شيء مختلف
طول ما إحنا كده
لام و ألف
لام و فوق منها الألف
لام و جنبيها الألف
لام و حضناها الألف

لام ألف .. لام ألف

داليا زيادة

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Dalia Ziada in Almasry Alyoum newspaper

Thanks God. I think I am going to be a famous person or may be I becme a famous person already. Today I found a whole article talking about me in Almasry Alyoum daily newspaper. The article is written by the famous and beautiful writer; Sherin Abuel Naga. I read it this morning and I could not help telling you about. I am extremely happy.

The link is:

Sherin Abuel Naga discussed my winning essay in HAMSA competetion last month. She talked about the brilliancy of handling Arab women issue in such a simple way. I met Sherin few month ago at Dar Merit Publishing House. She was extremely beautiful at that day and I praised her beauty. There were Ahmed Fouad Negm the famous poet setting with me at Dar Merit. He praised her beauty too :)

The link is:

Almasry Alyoum is an independent newspaper known for its dare situations against state authority and regime in Egypt. It is a good idea to have my work discussed in such paper rather than any other semi-official paper.

Allah is great. I love yo Allah. Thank you Allah for making my dreams getting real.

Wait for me, Glob.
I am coming with much hope.
I am coming with no fear.
I am coming to remove every single tear.
I am coming to be me
I am coming to be the unique Dalia Ziada

Thanks God, as you always support me even if I was so stupid not to seek your help. Thanks Almighty and merciful God.

OOOOOOOOOOOh! I almost forgot.

To read the ARTICLE ON DALIA ZIADA go to this link:

Saturday, July 01, 2006

Dalia Ziada writes to Muslim Writers Society (MWS)

Believe it or not! I became a renowned writer and member of Muslim Writers Society. I joined the Society about two months ago. I choose one of my peices to be the very first thing to publish on their website. Publishing there is not that easy. MWS has a panel of judges who read articles then decide to publish them or not. Thanks God, my article was chosen and published long time ago and I did not realize this before now. I am so happy :)
This is how Muslim Writers Society introduce itself to the people:
The World Muslim Writers Society and Foundation is an organization and forum where Muslim writers can exchange ideas, help each other grow as writers, express their views, and ultimately get their works published on our web site and, insha'Allah, in a future publication. It is a society because we are a group of Muslims united for the purpose of promoting intellectual expression and Islamic awareness. It is a foundation because it is the base from which Muslim writers can draw their strength and find support in good times and bad times.
The Society is affiliated to One Ummah Network which is interested in uniting Muslims all over the world.
My article published on MWS is one of the articles published on this blog. It is "Muslim = an ambitiously satisfied human". Do you remember it? If not go down this page to view it. The article is published under my name Dalia Ziada. However, it is written as one word like this "daliaziada". Anyway, it is still my name and it is still me the author of the article.
Wanna the link to read my article on MWS website? OK :)
Thanks Allah.
I love you God.
I love the world.
I love my life and I am so satisfied.