Sunday, November 05, 2006

Dr. Tareq Suwaidan on Wikipedia! Oh my!

I just wanted to have some news about him as usual. I was too busy during the recent days. Once I had some time, the first thing I did was to search the web for my favorite Dr. Tareq Al-Suwaidan. Amazingly enough, I found a new photo for him on Google. It is the one you can see at the top of this post. For the first time ever, I see him wearing a coat upon the jalabia. He looks qute as he always is, with his soft and sweet smile and childish eyes and that pen hnged on his pocket just before his heart. To that extent he loves his pen!!!

Ok, well! What I was saying is that when I clicked the photo that appeared on Google for Dr. Tareq Suwaidan, I was redirected to Wikipedia website. Yes! do not be shocked; Dr. Tareq is added to the international online encyclopedia and he deserves to be there.

This man is unique. He is the best example of the ambitious and successful moderate Muslim. He did not waste his life time. Since the very beginning, he started to focus on his goal and do what is right for him. I miss this part and I am suffering because of this. I want to be as successful as him, and my ultimate dream is to meet him face to face. I want to talk with him without limits. I want to ...........

Well, go and see what Wikipedia wrote about the renowned Dr. Tareq Suwaidan on this like:

You do not know more about Dr. Tareq? Go to this link:

I think you can learn alot from reading more about this unique man.

From here, from my own blog, I send my best regards to my best Dr. Tareq

Dalia Ziada ;)