Monday, October 16, 2006

Salamander ... The best!

Well! You might be wondering who this beauty is. She is
Sally Samy - a 27 years old writer at El-Syassa El-Dawliya magazine and many other websites. She is also the Program Coordinator of the Arabic Network for Human Rights Information (HRinfo) where I work as a translator. She is a unique result of the mixture of an English mother and an Egyptian father. Sally is among those who changed my life to the better. I am so grateful to her.

She is considered something like a shock for me. Along my life, particularly before I came to HRinfo, I used to believe that the good people are the religious people. Sally is secularist. Yet, the most clear and sincere person I have ever met. She is so pure, she did not lie, she did not flatter, she did not waste her time doing naive stuff, she loves life and loves all the people around her regardless who they are and what they do. Sally has high expectations for me. I hope I can meet theses expectations one day.

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