Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Congrats Alaa Saif; yours Dalia Ziada

This is a rare pricture for Alaa Saif; the moderator of blog in prisoners' uniform. He was released yesterday after 45 days in prison for no legal charge. This picture was taken by a mobile camera and I was lucky enough to be the first ever to translate this story of releasing Alaa. The story is originally published in Arabic on (wherein I work as a translator).

The English translation of the story is below:

After 45 Days of Unjustified Detention
Egyptian Bloggers' God Father;
Alaa Saif Released

Cairo - 20 June 2006

Arabic Network for Human Rights Information welcomes the release of the God Father of the Egyptian Bloggers, Alaa Saif, after 45- day detention in prison with no legal charge.Alaa Saif, the manager of blog, was arrested on 7th May 2006 while he was expressing his solidarity with reformist judges calling for independence of judiciary as well as eliminating elections forgery in Egypt. Alaa Saif and his colleagues refused to be questioned by State Security Prosecution, due to its absolute bias to Egyptian Political Police named State Security. They persistently demanded to be investigated before a magistrate. Up till now, the prosecution still turning a deaf ear to their demand.